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This barber for the homeless offers more than just a haircut


Sometimes the men and women you see begging on street corners need more than simply food or spare change to get their lives back on track. Lawrence Jones visited The Bridge, a homeless recovery center in North Texas, to learn more about one of the unique services offered to their guests: a fully-functioning barber shop.

After meeting Sacrenette and hearing the stories told from her barbershop chair, Lawrence found out how a simple haircut could make a world of difference. For these individuals, appearance can take you a long way.

The barber sees an average of 35-40 people per day. Sometimes she's just about to walk out the door for the evening, but a man will come in and say "I have an interview in the morning!" so she'll stay.

Some haven't had a haircut in so long, they see themselves in the mirror after and cry. "I'm here to help people," Sacrenette said of her calling, which she believes is to help them "look productive, be productive."

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