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This simple fix could solve the transgender bathroom issue

Glenn Beck

Bathrooms have become an identity politics battleground as transgender people argue that everyone should be able to choose a bathroom based on their gender identity. On Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Doc Thompson advocated for a streamlined solution to the problem.

If you’re starting a business, installing single bathrooms will circumvent the transgender issue since only person would be in the bathroom at the time. While it might cost more up front, in the long term it would be a much simpler solution that would avoid the issue of men trying to go into the women’s bathroom and vice versa.

“That’s what I’d do if I started a brick-and-mortar store tomorrow,” Doc said.

People should be allowed to be themselves, but they also shouldn’t expect the world to bend over backward for them, he asserted.

“I don’t hate you. I don’t think you should be denied,” Doc said about people who identify as transgender. “Go be you, fine. … But can you stop requiring so much effort on my part?”

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