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This university president has a scathing rebuke for what universities have become

Glenn Beck

President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Dr. Everett Piper, has had it with “safe spaces” and “triggers.” He penned an article entitled, “This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University” where he called out universities and administration officials for coddling students too much to the point that everything around them “triggers” and “offends” them.

His article unapologetically scolds the victim mentality plaguing college campuses around the country and calls the students “self-absorbed and narcissistic.”

 Piper’s article came after he gave a sermon about love at a university chapel service from 1 Corinthians 13 which “offended” a student on campus who claimed the sermon “made him feel bad for not showing love.”

Since college students have become so fragile, Glenn Beck questioned whether this generation of young people can rise to the occasion should a major crisis occur.

George Washington preached merit; however, universities aren’t preaching that anymore and neither is the workforce.

“My question is -- because of the comfort and convenience that we’ve been conditioned to have over the past 50 years, or however long -- are we in worse shape than we were 50 years ago when a crisis came?” asked Allie Stuckey.

“Yes. We are. We’ve taught people to capitulate rather than to have courage. We’ve taught people that a safe space is more important than a place that makes you feel uncomfortable and actually causes you to want to grow. We’ve taught people that if they feel guilty when there’s a sermon that you ought to issue a trigger warning before you gave the sermon. This is ludicrous. This is lunacy. This is not good education. It’s antithetical to the liberal arts academy which was established to educate us in liberty,” said Piper. “We were taught to be integrationists, not segregationists – to integrate head and heart and fact and faith and belief and behavior.”

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