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Top White House economic adviser debunks Obama's claim with nerdy statistics. And it's great.


"This guy's unbelievable," Pat said on Wednesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed." Pat was referring to a recent lecture from former President Barack Obama in which he took credit for the current economic optimism.

Kevin Hassett, the head of President Donald Trump's Council of Economic Advisers, whipped out a series of charts and figures in front of the media Tuesday that completely dispelled Obama's claims and proved that the Trump administration is responsible for the optimism.

Hassett attributed the optimism among corporate investment, blue-collar jobs, business startups occurred to the election of President Trump.

"Since we're the nerds at the White House, we decided that this is a testable hypothesis," Hassett said during the news conference. Hassett ran trends in the economy up to the point of the last election and what he found completely debunked Obama's narrative.

See his analysis below.

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