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TRADE WARS: G7 nations unite against US in response to Trump's tariffs

Glenn Beck

Over the weekend, six of the seven nations that make up the G7 -- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom -- banded together to oppose President Trump’s recent tariffs. The upcoming G7 summit, which will be held Friday and Saturday in Charlevoix, Quebec, comes amid mounting tensions after the Trump administration slapped allies, Canada, Mexico and the European Union, with tariffs on steel and aluminum last week. 

Now, with the threat of an international trade war looming large, many Americans are left wondering, “How will all this affect me?”

Glenn Beck took to the chalkboard on the show today to give us a break down of the many ways tariffs and trade disputes ripple throughout the economy and impact prices on everything ranging from apples to motorcycles.

Watch the clip above to get Glenn's take.

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