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Trump's support is high among Iraqi soliders

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch welcomes TheBlaze's own Jason Buttrill, who calls in live from Iraq to describe the situation in Mosul and how ISIS have been permanently expelled from Iraq after being pushed back into Syria. Jason explains that ISIS will no longer have a foothold in Iraq if Iraqi forces can cut them off at Mosul. Jason also talks about a discussion he had with a general about American politics and how the Iraqi soldiers feel about Trump.

"This general there, he was just about to talk to me full force and just let everything out but then he stopped and he goes, 'Wait a minute, are you Democrat or are you Republican?' ... I was like, 'Well, um, I didn't vote for the Republican president that was just elected, but I'm typically Republican-leaning.' And he looked at me kinda sternly and he goes, 'OK, well we're all for Trump here.'"

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