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UNHINGED: Angry white Antifa mob attacks black social activist, shouts, 'F*** white supremacy!

Glenn Beck

An angry all-white mob of Antifa protesters descended upon pro-Trump activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk at a restaurant in Philadelphia on Monday.

Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, and his colleague Owens were having breakfast at Green Eggs Cafe when several Antifa protesters spotted them. According to Owens, a much larger group of protesters showed up at the restaurant within 20 minutes and began to harass them from outside the restaurant.

When Kirk and Owens departed, one protester threw a drink at them while another shouted at them through a megaphone. Owens, who is black, posted videos on Twitter in which white protesters can be heard chanting, "F*** white supremacy!"

Owens went on to thank the police, who "were all Hispanic and black," for protecting them from the "white liberal thugs."

"An angry white mob surrounded and attacked an African-American woman yesterday. Now this isn’t a headline from the 1960’s," Glenn Beck said of the incident. "If there’s a museum of the absurd, this attack should be one of its main exhibits. They were actually screaming into bullhorns, directly at Candace Owens — an African-American woman — saying, '"F" white supremacy.' These are white people shouting through a bullhorn at a black woman saying, '"F" white supremacy.'"

Watch the video above to learn more about this disturbing incident.

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