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VIDEO: Anti-torture protesters crash Gina Haspel's CIA Senate confirmation hearing


Protesters disrupted Gina Haspel's CIA Senate confirmation hearing this week over Haspel's involvement in enhanced interrogation tactics used by the CIA after 9/11. Protesters chanted "bloody Gina" and "torturer" before they were removed from the hearing by Capitol Police.

“How do you treat people who are human beings in your custody? … The question is, what do you do to human beings in US custody?” screamed one protester. "Bloody Gina! Bloody Gina! Bloody Gina! You are a torturer!” she continued.

Haspel has served in the CIA for decades and was chosen by the president to lead the agency after several of her colleagues endorsed her for the role. If confirmed, Haspel will be the first woman in history to lead the agency.

Here's some of the blowback she's faced:


Find out what former CIA official and CNN counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd had to say about her critics here.

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