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Wasserman Schultz threatens police over staffer's lap top

Dana Loesch

There is a new development in the story regarding a probe into the internet team of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Capitol police are investigating her former IT technician Imran Awan on suspicion of data breaches and theft.

Now a lap top was seized by the police that was used by the IT tech, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz says it belongs to her and threatened a Capitol police chief, stating there would be "consequences" for holding the equipment.

The Daily Caller's Luke Rosiak, who has followed this story from the beginning, told Dana Loesch on "Dana" today that the congresswoman has redefined Awan's role to "adviser" so he can get around a police ban preventing him from accessing the House network.

He asked Wasserman Schultz in person why she is protecting him, and she "turned around and ran away."

He said Politico reported that she is personal friends with her IT tech/adviser.

Rosiak said there is no reason for her to be concerned about the $500 lap top of her employee unless something on it will hurt her.

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