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Watch: Here's what you won't want to serve for Thanksgiving --10 most dangerous foods

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If you are what you eat and you're regularly ingesting some of these deadly food items, we wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley.

People love to eat what isn’t good for them, but not following a healthy diet and noshing on something that might possibly kill you are two different things altogether. Fugu, the Japanese blowfish that lands anywhere from 35 to 65 people in the hospital each year in Japan, is a prime example of the latter. It’s not uncommon for any one of us to have a hospital visit for food poisoning, but eating some sketchy guacamole doesn’t come with a 6.7 percent chance of killing you while medical teams are scrambling to hook you up to a respirator. Consuming the ovaries, liver or the intestines of the fugu results in tetrodotoxin poisoning, a substance more lethal than cyanide. What comes next is a numbness around the mouth, paralysis and respiratory failure. Don’t worry, though-all of this occurs while you’re still conscious, so you’ll still be able to peruse the dessert menu as you’re suffering.

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