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WATCH: Louis C.K. joked about abortion then mocked the crowd for cheering — comedy at its finest


On Tuesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat played audio from the Netflix special, "Louis C.K. 2017," performed by comedian Louis C.K.

Pat has deemed this clip to be one of his all-time favorites because of the unexpected moral shift that transpired.

Setting the scene

While performing a bit about abortion, Louis C.K. began his usual process of pushing his audience just outside of their comfort zone, and the young D.C. fans were loving it. 2017  when he made fun abortion protesters.


People hate abortion protesters. ‘They’re so shrill and awful.’ But they think babies are being murdered. What are they supposed to be (saying)? ‘Well, hmmm … that’s not cool. I don’t wanna be a dick about it, though. I don’t wanna ruin their day as they murder several babies all the time.


I don’t think it’s killing a baby, though. I mean, it’s a little like killing a baby. It’s a 100 percent killing a baby. It’s totally killing a whole baby.

The pivot

Louis C.K. stayed true to form as he waited until the crowd seemed comfortable and then shifted his position to mock the crowd.

“But I think women should be allowed to kill babies,” he declared.

The crowd began to cheer for the abortion, which was the comedian's cue to pivot and mock: “Wooohooo! We get to kill babies! Let’s do some shots and kill some babies!”

The takeaway

The comedian managed to strike the perfect balance of mixing comedy with the tragic reality of abortion. While much of the comedian's material is not for everyone, this bit, in particular, has the potential to make people think.

Click the video above to watch. Missed the show?  Download it on iTunes.

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