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What exactly is Antifa protesting?


So far in 2017, antifa protesters have rioted, vandalized, and destroyed property in at least six increasingly violent demonstrations against those they perceive to be ‘fascists.’ Members of antifa, which is short for anti-fascist, share loosely defined ideologies which seem to include aspects of Marxism, anarchism, communism, and other seemingly-contradictory beliefs.

“There is only one identifying characteristic of antifa, and that is that they don’t like fascism,” said Stu Burguiere on “Pat & Stu.”

Stu went on to say of the destructive extremist movement, “People like antifa don’t care who they target. It’s got nothing to do with being for immigrants. It’s got nothing to do with being against fascists. It’s about damage and anarchy or, really, communism. We really should go back through the manifesto of these guys.”

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