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Why can’t we find the Facebook Live killer?

Glenn Beck

On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” the guys tried to figure out why authorities haven’t managed to catch murder suspect Steve Stephens. Stephens is suspected of shooting and killing a man in a random murder on a Cleveland street. He allegedly captured the crime on Facebook Live and is still on the run.

“How come we can’t find this guy yet? Don’t we have all the technology that’s spooking the hell out of us?” Glenn Beck wondered.

He further speculated that perhaps it’s about expectations vs. reality when it comes to the power of the government: “Aren’t we all spooked by how the government could just grab you at any time, they could get your cell phone? This guy is uploading videos; he’s on Snapchat …”

Pat Gray compared the situation to what TV tells us. “On ‘24,’ we can transfer video to their screen on their cell phone 17 miles away, and we can’t find this stinking guy?”

Police limitations when it comes to capturing suspects are both good and bad news, Glenn pointed out. On the one hand, “I want this guy caught, and I can’t believe we don’t have him in custody. … We gotta catch this guy before he kills again.

“But on the other hand, I think ‘Wow, phew, maybe the technology we think the government has, they don’t have all that because I can’t believe we haven’t triangulated this guy’s position.”

Update: So-called Facebook Live Killer suspect Steve Stephens has been found dead of what police say is a self inflicted gun shot wound.

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