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Why the 32 'Blue Lives Matter' bills introduced so far in 2017 are unlikely to pass

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At least 32 bills have been introduced in 14 states across the country so far this year to include members of law enforcement in hate crime protections. Some of these bills also include firefighters and EMS workers as well.

Only one of these bills has passed over the previous two years; that bill, Louisiana's HB 953, added victims who were targeted based on " actual or perceived employment" as police officers and firefighters to the state's hate crime provisions.

Opponents of these bills often point out that every state already has laws on the books that provide enhanced charges or sentencing guidelines for crimes against police officers, rendering additional hate crime protections potentially superfluous. Additionally, the existing laws don't require prosecutors to prove motive, unlike hate crime legislation, setting a lower bar for a successful conviction.

The infographic below from the "Huffington Post" illustrates the status of every "Blue Lives Matter" bill introduced in 2016 and 2017:

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