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Woman says she supports vaccine mandates because she 'is not a selfish person'


Many Americans are taking a bold stand against the Biden administration's vaccine mandates. One of the most common questions raised: How many booster shots are people willing to take?

BlazeTV host Savanah Hernandez of "Slightly Offens*ve" was on the ground Sunday morning covering the "Defeat the Mandate" rally in Washington D.C. Savanah spoke to several protesters and counter-protesters to shed light on how the American people feel.

One counter-protester had an interesting take when asked how many shots she was willing to take. "As many as it takes," she said. The woman went on to accuse anyone unwilling to get vaccinated of being selfish and self-righteous.


"Defeat the Mandate" believes:

"We are free.
And we will not surrender our freedoms out of fear.
We are Americans, and we come from every walk of life.
We link arms, Vaccinated and Unvaccinated
Democrats, Republicans, and Independents
Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents
College Students, Teachers,
Nurses, Doctors, Small business owners
Artists, Tradesmen, and the Retired.
To stop the Covid vaccine mandates.
To say never again to the lockdowns!
We are free people.
No longer taking our freedoms for granted.
The mandated Covid vaccines haven't worked.
Our civil liberties have not returned.
Mandates are a last resort.
They are not the American way.
This is a pivotal moment in our global history.
The time to act is now!
People around the world are rising up,
To protect freedoms that originated here in America.
It is high time we joined them.
We are brothers and sisters
Of every color, creed, and political stripe.
We are not against vaccination.
Many of us are vaccinated.
We are against forcing vaccinations on Americans.
Enough is enough.
We're coming home.
In peace, we March!"

Clearly, those involved are not anti-vaxxers, but the mainstream media insists on calling the event and "anti-vaxxer" rally. Where are the fact-checkers to correct the record?

Watch the clip to see what happened next. Follow @theblaze to watch more videos from Sunday's rally.

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