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Worried about disaster survival? Stock up on these foods that won’t go bad

Doc Thompson

What do honey, white rice and hard liquor have in common? They’re all handy for your disaster stockpile since they won’t spoil after long periods of time.

On Wednesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Keith Malinak shared a list of foods that stay edible indefinitely as part of the day’s headline roundup.

Archaeologists found honey in Egypt in 2015 that they estimated to be 3,000 years old – and it was reportedly still edible. Honey is low in water and high in sugar, discouraging bacteria, and it also contains hydrogen peroxide, which keeps away microbes, The Conversation reported.

“Honey doesn’t spoil. … The most it would do is crystallize,” Doc Thompson explained.

Soy sauce and vinegar, which are both fermented, will last on your shelf for years as long as you don’t open the bottle. For additional flavoring, sugar and salt will both last indefinitely as long as they’re kept away from moisture. While it may not last that long in most households, dark chocolate will also keep for years on the shelf as long as it stays at a consistent temperature.

Based on this list, Doc thought his family was fairly well-prepared.

“I can sustain in my house for months and months and months,” Doc said. “Boatloads of rice and soy sauce and vinegar. We have those things.”

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