Homeland Security Employee’s Hate-Filled Website to Prepare Blacks for the ‘Inevitable Clash With the White Race’

Ayo Kimathi is a small business specialist for the Department of Homeland Security. In his off time, he reportedly runs a website preparing black people for the “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.”

Image source: Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center identified Kimathi as the “Irritated Genie,” whose website “War on the Horizon” is dedicated to “properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare.” On it, he also advocates for the “purge” of “Uncle Tom” “race traitors”; describes President Barack Obama as a “treasonous mulatto scum dweller”; and claims whites are behind the “effeminization of the black male” that is “threatening the existence of every Black man, woman, and child on Earth.”

“Everybody in the office is afraid of him,” one of Kimathi’s former Homeland Security supervisors told the Southern Poverty Law Center. “This guy is filled with hate.”

“The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction,” the website declares. “Warfare is eminent, and in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our christian hearts can possibly count.”

The supervisor said she was “astounded” that Kimathi is “employed by the federal government, let alone Homeland Security.”

Screenshot: waronthehorizon.com

When the Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal-leaning group that tracks organizations it deems hateful, reached Kimathi by phone Wednesday to ask whether he was the Irritated Genie, he hung up. A woman who answered the phone at the War on Horizon site refused to confirm whether the Irritated Genie was Kimathi’s online persona.

On its main page, War on the Horizon says preparing for racial warfare includes “intellectual, spiritual, psychological, and physical preparation for a global clash that will mean the end of white rule on this planet or the end of the Black Race as we know it. “

“Please review the information on our site to understand the threat our people are facing so that you may make the right decisions in preparation for this reality,” the website states. “We’ll See You on the Battlefield!”

The site calls Hurricane Katrina the “the Bush/Brown Massacre of 2005,” and says it is one example of the “continuing white racial acts of aggression.”

Under the June 2010 article “Goodbye Uncle Tom,” the website lists Rev. Al Sharpton, a “sadistic political white-sex offender…who advocates ‘homosexuality’ among Black people”; Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former Secretary of State Colin (spelled “Colon”) Powell who will “indirectly assist in the genocide of Black people; Oprah Winfrey, a “wealthy lesbian mammy” who does “everything in her power to assist whites in destroying strong Black manhood; as well as “all rappers,” “all political homos” and “all promoters and supporters of interracial dating/marriage/sex.”

“We must become militant, hostile, violent, and deadly to those individuals and groups in our community who don’t comply to Black decency and Race First standards. We cannot continue to be Black people with white behavior.  – Black Afrikans Only!” the website states. “…Once we have largely purged our Race of its Race traitors, war with our natural enemy, the white Race, will intensify and become the single most powerful motivating force in the lives of Afrikan people worldwide.”

Kimathi’s former supervisor told the Southern Poverty Law Center she discovered his website in June.

“When I saw the website, I was stunned,” she said. “To see the hate, to know that he is a federal employee, it bothered me.”

In an email to TheBlaze Thursday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deputy press secretary Gillian Christensen said she could not comment as a matter of policy on whether an investigation into Kimathi is underway.

“ICE does not condone any type of hateful rhetoric or advocacy of violence of any kind against anyone. Every ICE employee is held to the highest standard of professional and ethical conduct. Accusations of misconduct are investigated thoroughly and if substantiated, appropriate action is taken,” Christensen said.

This post has been updated with comment from ICE.