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Chad Prather: Stop being offended!

Chad Prather

The state of 'Offended-ness' in the country

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On Wednesday's show of "Humor Me with Chad Prather," host and comedian Chad Prather hit the road to ask fellow comedians and friends about the current state of "offended-ness" in the country.

In this clip, Prather sat down with comedian Tyson Faifer and the two discussed the need for "more people to laugh."

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Prather addressed his opinion of conservative fans who become offended when he makes jokes about President Donald Trump, stating that he does not care if he offends because he knows that "Trump can handle it."

Why are comedians unable to do comedy on college campus' anymore?

According to Faifer, "People want to feel important, and because they receive attention when they express their offended-ness, they become addicted to being offended. Fifteen minutes of fame is the goal."

Prather expounded on his colleague's point, adding that younger millennials have yet to experience true hardship, causing them to manufacture a plight. Stand-up comedy then becomes the sword on which they fall.

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