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Commentary: Coronavirus is a vicious contagion, but the real plague is our panic
Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Commentary: Coronavirus is a vicious contagion, but the real plague is our panic

We are afraid of our own mortality

It took almost 20 years before the first polio vaccine trials and Jonas Salk injecting his own family with it to prove its integrity to America. After years of trying, science gave up on a vaccine for the first and less vicious SARS. We've had to evolve flu vaccines several times since the first one in the 1930s.

Translation: if you're waiting for a SARS-2 #coronavirus vaccine before resuming normal life, grab a Snickers. You're going to be here for awhile.

I know progressivism is the spirit of the age we're in. And many of our countrymen have been indoctrinated to believe government-contrived Utopia is achievable. This progressivism starts from the desired outcome first, under the assumption the ideal solution can always be had. Especially if it requires making those who don't agree with you suffer on the way to achieving it.

After all, ye can be like God.

But the reality of this fallen world is the worst horrors have been unleashed seeking Utopia. There are no perfect solutions East of Eden. We even had to permit an Iron Curtain to stop the Iron Cross. The law of unintended consequences always comes into play.

At some point we have to assume the risk of mortality, and weigh the overall societal cost of lost freedoms and a Great Depression. The generations that saw hundreds of thousands killed/paralyzed by polio, understood this. And yet they managed to industrialize America, win two world wars, and defeat their own Great Depression while still seeking a cure. Even the president they elected more times than any other, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, rallied the nation while confined to a wheelchair because of the polio virus.

So why are we so stricken with panic in our time, shutting down our entire way of life on unreliable and contradictory data, despite the technological advantages we have over them?

Because ours is a godless society, so we are afraid of our own mortality. Deep down we know we are not ready to meet our Maker after denying Him for so long. Therefore, we wait for our secular Messiah, government, to deliver us from that day. Or at least hold it off for as long as possible.

Divorced from our Creator, we lack purpose and meaning to our lives. At best they become a collection of experiences. At worst we're a survival rate, just marking time.

But we were made for so much more. Saved for so much more. The generations before us, despite their mistakes, at least understood this meta truth. And it propelled them, despite their errors and shortcomings, to pass on to us the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

We have responded by handing over our freedoms, shuttering our churches, and bankrupting our economy at the first real sign of existential fear. The kind of existential fear they defeated, but we seem stubbornly determined to surrender to.

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