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Deace: A sincere thank-you to Tim Pool and … the New York Times
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Deace: A sincere thank-you to Tim Pool and … the New York Times

As my cup runneth over lately with the early success of my new book, “Rise of the Fourth Reich,”written with Daniel Horowitz, as well as the incredible feedback I have received following the release of the trailer for the upcoming movie based on my book, “Nefarious,” it is incumbent upon me to issue some thank-yous.

First, to the “Timcast IRL” show and all those who watched my appearance with Tim Pool: What a refreshing and hope-filled experience that was. Open and curious dialogue about all manner of topics with a clear dedication to moving past agenda and getting to the truth, no matter how messy or controversial that might be.

The number of people who reached out to me and said it was one of the best conversations they had ever heard on Tim’s show, or that they had never heard of me before but would be following me on BlazeTV going forward, is an amazing testimony to the environment Tim has created for critical thinking. Particularly since I was afforded the opportunity to share the Gospel in no uncertain terms.

Instead of having no-go zones for faith and religion, Tim’s audience exposed a true hunger for real food in a world of so much nonsense passing itself off as wisdom. And that, if I’m being honest, is cause for me to offer up an apology as well as a thank-you.

Simply put, Christians have failed you deeply if my appearance on Tim’s show is the closest you’ve got to hearing Jesus 101 in your lifetime. In all of our seeker-friendly attempts, we have by and large offered up something unserious or easily ignored, instead of a message that without apology claims nothing short of the best, truest, and most beautiful testimony you have ever heard about absolutely anything.

And make no mistake, you heard it this time not because I am really smart or really holy, but because I know I’m not those things and then get out of the way as much as I can to let God do what He does. He is always calling you home and empowering you for a life beyond all excuse and lamentation. My gratitude for each and every time I get to be a servant of such a transformational message is powerful beyond words, so again to Tim Pool and those within his orbit, I am in your debt for the audience and opportunity I was given.

May your house increase, and in the battle of ideas, may you never be afraid.

Speaking of fear, allow me to move on to my second thank-you for the week. This one, and with no less sincerity, goes to the New York Times and its “best-seller” list. It has now ignored not one, but two books written by me that have sold more than enough copies to be objectively acknowledged.

The first wasFaucian Bargain,’ which according to Amazon (which owns about 80% of the domestic book market) was a No. 1 overall best-selling book back in 2021. Now, according to Bookscan, which simply collects the data about how much merchandise was moved, “Rise of the Fourth Reich”was the No. 7 best-selling hardcover nonfiction book in the entire country last week. Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg’s book – which came out at the same time as mine – wasn't even in the top 20. Horowitz and I actually sold 148% more books than Greta did. Yet when the New York Times best-seller list came out, we were nowhere to be found on it, while Greta, somehow, was sitting in the seventh spot in place of us.

None of this surprises me. None of this makes me mad. Again, let me be absolutely clear about this. I am truly honored to once again be living rent-free in the head of America’s so-called paper of record — an institution that in its relentless attempt to perfect its propaganda, er, I mean “journalism” has decided to simply ignore my work or pretend it doesn’t exist, because it can neither successfully counter nor manipulate it. I am humbled by your fear, your resentment, and your obfuscation. It doesn’t offend me, but fuels me.

What a treasure it is to be loathed by those who have no concern for truth or reason but gladly trade it for madness.

All is right with the world when you make such enemies, as well as new friends.

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