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Florida's GOP Latina lt. gov. has a message for wokesters pushing the term 'Latinx': Go scratch
Matias J. Ocner/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Florida's GOP Latina lt. gov. has a message for wokesters pushing the term 'Latinx': Go scratch

Jeanette Nuñez is a conservative Republican and the first Latina lieutenant governor of Florida, and she has no use for today's woke brigade.

Leftists have a reputation for wanting to control people's lives, including ordering them around on the proper way to identify themselves and on which terms to be offended by.

Remember the brouhaha over the Washington Redskins' name? American Indians weren't driving the offense train demanding that Dan Snyder's team change its mascot — they didn't really care about it. It was the woke left that insisted that Native Americans were offended — apparently without bothering to ask Native Americans.

And now we have wokesters insisting that the terms "Latino" and "Latina" are offensive because, as is common Latin-based languages, the terms are gendered. So a group of likely non-Hispanic leftists are pushing for all of society to use the term "Latinx" instead.

Mind you, it's not the Latino crowd pushing for the change — in fact, they're not fans of the term. Just this month, a poll found that only 2% of Latinos use "Latinx," and 40% find it offensive. Even more telling: Nearly a third say they wouldn't vote for a candidate who uses the term — and that includes a quarter of Democrats.

And you can count Gov. Ron DeSantis' second-in-command as one of those offended by "Latinx."

During DeSantis' announcement Wednesday of his Stop W.O.K.E. Act to fight "corporate-sanctioned racism" in the state's school and businesses, Nuñez took time during her remarks to blast the woke mob's efforts to force "Latinx" on the population.

"I don't know about you, but I refuse to embrace these ridiculous woke terms like 'Latinx.' That's not happening," Nuñez said. "I can tell you, I am proud to stand here as the first Latina lieutenant governor in the history of our great state. And I am offended by that term, 'Latinx.'"

"And you know when it's bad when the left-leaning, fake news Miami Herald editorial board begs Democrats and progressives to drop the term," she continued.

The Herald did, indeed, run an editorial Dec. 7 calling on "progressive politicians, pundits and media friends" to "stop trying to make the term 'Latinx' a thing":

Trust us here in Miami, where, Ya tu sabes, we drink cafecitos and parental discipline is usually delivered with a chancleta.

You’re like Gretchen Wieners in the movie “Mean Girls” trying to turn “fetch” into the next cool slang. So, we’ll channel our best Regina George to say: Stop trying to make Latinx happen! It’s not going to happen!

We’re not the only ones saying that. The so-called “Latinx community” doesn’t even want to be called Latinx.

Democrats, the paper said, need to spend less time being politically correct and more time fixing the problem of them being "notoriously absent from the Hispanic community until the eve of elections."

The headline of this piece has been updated to correct Nuñez title.

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