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Horowitz: The medical field's immoral war on children
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Horowitz: The medical field's immoral war on children

"The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment."Nuremberg Code

Wanted: a pediatrician who actually believes in science and not child abuse.

My children are months overdue for their checkups because they are distraught about having to wear masks. The baby, who doesn't yet have to cover her breathing orifices, was traumatized at her recent visit by seeing everyone dressed like a mummy. How can it be that the doctors responsible most for the health of children can't read simple data and studies showing clearly that children are more at risk from the trauma of the response to COVID than from the virus?

Scientists from University College London and the Universities of York, Bristol, and Liverpool studied the data from all pediatric COVID-19 infections in the U.K. and found that just 25 children under 18 likely died from the virus in a country with over 12 million children. Only six of those children had no known serious underlying conditions, although the authors caution that they could not confirm that all of them were indeed healthy. The rest of the fatalities were among those with the sorts of conditions that cause people to die every year from other endemic respiratory viruses for which we never disrupt society or force masking and experimental injections.

"During the same time period studied there were 124 deaths from suicide and 268 deaths from trauma, emphasizing COVID-19 is rarely fatal in CYP," concluded the U.K. scientists.

According to this data, healthy children under 18 have a 1 in 2 million chance of dying of COVID in the U.K. over the course of a year. According to the CDC, in the U.S., every person has a 1 in 500,000 chance of being struck by lightening in a given year. In other words, there is more math and science behind destroying the lives of children and forcing them to wear a protective suit or stay inside for a year because of lightening than because of COVID.

The forced masking and vaccination of children is likely the biggest scandal of all time. For pediatrician offices to continue focusing their regulations on COVID when every other ailment is a bigger threat to children is global malpractice that will leave an indelible stain on a profession that now follows voodoo rituals over science. There is simply no way a pediatrician can possibly think it's humane to pressure children to get the experimental injections, even if the risk factors are as low as they believe.

Even if we are to trust Pfizer's own trial data (p. 27) and allow the foxes of profit from guarding the academic henhouse, there is a 1 in 333 risk for a serious adverse event (SAE) from the vaccine. Pfizer's trial resulted in 5 SAEs out of 1,127 12- to 15-year-olds in the vaccine group, as opposed to 1 in the 1,127 of the placebo group. That was the number of serious adverse events in just 30 days. If this excess absolute risk of 0.003 (0.3%) for SAEs holds up, that means for every 333 children 12-15 years old who are vaccinated, there would be one serious adverse event.

So, let's assume that somehow the vaccine is 100% effective in stopping the one in 2 million pediatric deaths. On the way to that 2 million pediatric vaccination number, over 6,000 children would suffer serious adverse effects, including life-altering disabilities and deaths. But that is from Pfizer's untrustworthy data. A detailed analysis from Israel's Hadassah Medical Center found that the rate of just one serious side effect – myocarditis – was as high as 1 in every 3,000-6,000 among young men.

The cruel irony is that most of the children in the trial did develop mild side effects. Within a few days after the second injections, 66% of the 12- to 15-year-olds developed fatigue, 65% developed headaches, and 42% developed chills. This is the upper bounds of serious illness that children would get from the virus itself, assuming they are even symptomatic. Worse, 13% developed moderate or serious muscle pain, a much greater share than those who develop it from the virus. Thus, they have swapped out a front-loaded guarantee of afflicting children with these symptoms for a chance of perhaps avoiding those same symptoms for some, while creating an exponentially greater chance of serious, immutable side effects. Yet they have now taken their show down the road to get approval for injections for those younger than 12!

Another important finding of this British study is that initial estimates of pediatric COVID deaths were overestimated by 61%. If we were to extrapolate that number to the U.S., it would mean there were only 133 COVID deaths (out of 331 reported), which fits in proportionately given that the U.K. is one-fifth the population of the U.S. and reported 25 pediatric deaths. This would mean that fewer kids died of COVID than in almost every flu season this past decade.

Yet the CDC is shockingly requiring children who don't get the experimental shots to wear masks all day in school this fall. Mind you, children are far more protected unvaccinated than adults are with a vaccine, even assuming it's 97% effective.

Once we have proven mathematically that the medical "experts" are lying to us about the threat of COVID to children, there is no reason to believe they are not lying about every other premise of the virus: treatment, non-pharmaceutical interventions, and vaccines. Why aren't the state legislatures in red states holding hearings and auditing everything their respective state departments of health are doing about COVID and revisiting those policies? Everything that is being done regarding treatment, vaccines, natural immunity, and most certainly children is based on false science and needs an immediate course correction.

At a minimum, state legislatures should ban all doctors and other venues from ever masking children and immediately cease and desist from marketing the experimental vaccines. Until children can see a doctor while breathing properly, there is not a single state that is truly free of COVID fascism.

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