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Is it possible there is one thing fascists would never do?
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Is it possible there is one thing fascists would never do?

It’s become painfully obvious that yesterday’s ‘conspiracy theory’ is today’s ‘I told you so.’

Many of us have heard the expression “snitches get stitches” referring to the one and only serious codebreaker known within criminal circles. You could be a murderer or a rapist or a terrorist (hey, that's your chosen fieldprerogative as a bad guy), but if you ever snitch on a fellow ne'er-do-wellwell, you could wind up hospitalized.

It seems that many people observing the past four years still don’t see the obvious when it comes to what the increasingly fascist Democratic Party will do to maintain control over America. In my book, “Obvious: Seeing the Evil That's in Plain Sight and Doing Something About It,” I go in-depth into the deep state’s fascist tactics, listing over a dozen dastardly deeds committed against citizens of this country during the 2020 election cycle and throughout the past three years.

The country will end up with more than just a few stitches if the fascist Democrats have their way yet again.

By now, everyone of us should be able to recite by heart many of the progressive Democrats' officious, fascist acts, including:

  • Convicting the left's No. 1 political opponent on trumped-up charges;
  • Incarcerating Americans exercising their First Amendment rights to “stop the steal”;
  • Sanctioning mob violence across the country that advance causes the far-left holds dear;
  • Labeling as “domestic terrorists” pro-lifers as well as parents concerned about the grooming of their children in public schools;
  • Categorizing legitimate news stories as “conspiracy theories”;
  • Opening the southern border to overwhelm the country’s system of legal entry and path to citizenship as a means to spread division and hatred ...

And on and on.

After all this outrageous nonsense from the Democratic left, there will still be people within our circle of family and friends who insist that the 2020 election was on the up and up. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that people bent on achieving and holding on to wealth and power would not do anything they believed necessary to stop the person who has vowed to expose their dirty deeds.

It is as if the “stolen-election deniers” among us believe what they have been told by a why-would-they-lie corporate media to wit that the 2020 election was “the most secure election in American history.”

Haven't we all observed that if you wish to challenge that “most secure” claim, the left will go to great lengths to silence you, including locking you up? And why would they do that if their assurance wasn’t rock solid? Wasn’t it Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell himself who said in Congress on January 6, 2021, that “no evidence" existed of election malfeasance? And this after having no desire whatsoever to review any actual evidence of hanky-panky in the 2020 election.

Hey, don't we all know that only our best and brightest and most honest citizenry are elected to high office? So, they certainly would not lie about something so precious as self-government contingent upon a secure voting process, something so fundamental to democracy. Right?

Or has it become painfully obvious that yesterday’s “conspiracy theory” has become today’s "I told you so"?

Perhaps the Babylon Bee, the conservative Christian source for "fake news you can trust," nailed it even more tongue-in-cheekily about a year ago with this headline: “White House Announces All Conspiracy Theories Are True Except For The One About Biden Stealing the Presidency.”

In all seriousness, though, the alarm has gone off four years later, and this time, we’d better be fully awake.

The country will end up with more than just a few stitches if the fascist Democrats have their way yet again.

Editor’s note: A version of this article appeared originally at American Thinker.

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Albin Sadar

Albin Sadar

Albin Sadar is the author of "Obvious: Seeing the Evil That’s in Plain Sight and Doing Something About It" as well as the children’s book collection "Hamster Holmes: Box of Mysteries." Albin was formerly the producer of "The Eric Metaxas Show" and a writer and editor at Blaze News.