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We won’t stop covering the lies of January 6
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We won’t stop covering the lies of January 6

The FBI says Blaze Media’s January 6 reporter won’t need to turn himself in until after Christmas. Our response is to promote him to full-time employee.

Last week, Blaze News contributor Steve Baker learned from his attorney that he would be charged with federal crimes stemming from his coverage of the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. If that sounds vague, that’s because it is. (Read his own scathing account of what he’s endured the last few years here and here.) The upshot is that Baker has no idea of what, exactly, federal prosecutors intend to charge him with.

As I told you last week, “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Baker learned of his coming indictment the very same day he met with a pair of Capitol Police whistleblowers” while in Washington, D.C., spending multiple days examining hours of footage from January 6.

Not a single major news outlet dares to cover this story. And it’s not even the whole story.

Initially, Baker was supposed to surrender to authorities on Tuesday. But then an FBI agent phoned Baker’s attorney to let him know a new assistant U.S. attorney had been assigned to the case, so he wouldn’t need to turn himself in until after Christmas.

After years of holding the threat of imprisonment over Baker, if that’s supposed to be some kind of gift from the Justice Department, we may be forgiven for turning up our noses at the gesture. We will not be backing down.

Instead, I am proud to announce that we have offered Steve Baker a full-time salaried position as an investigative reporter, effective at the start of the new year, which he has accepted. Feel free to follow Baker on X and congratulate him.

While the FBI has been busy retaliating against journalists it doesn’t like, the authorities have studiously ignored Baker’s analysis that U.S. Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus, Nancy Pelosi’s security chief, gave false testimony that directly contributed to sentencing American citizens to years in federal prison. Baker and our team watched hours of closed-circuit footage from January 6 in the House viewing room on Capitol Hill before publishing his analysis, as our news team reported in October.

The night before we published that story, the House of Representatives voted to remove Kevin McCarthy from his position as speaker of the House. This slowed approval of the release of the previously hidden January 6 footage that our story was based on. But in the middle of that transition, we were pleased to report that U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) approved the release of screenshots confirming Baker’s analysis.

We appealed to the new speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, to release the footage. In November, Johnson announced he would do so. We have that footage now. We will soon follow up our first video on Lazarus in our “The Truth About January 6” series with another that includes the footage proving that Lazarus lied under oath.

Not a single major news outlet dares to cover this story. And it’s not even the whole story. Lazarus lied under oath about witnessing several people harassing Capitol Hill Police Officer Harry Dunn. In return for the many tales he told about January 6, Dunn has been given many awards along with a book deal and celebrated as a hero by the media and Joe Biden.

As Baker has reported, Dunn was propelled to fame by lying about how a crowd of up to 50 people supposedly called him the N-word on January 6. He violated Capitol Hill Police policy by working with House Democrats to press for their January 6 committee — a fireable offense that should have made it impossible for him to later testify in federal court.

Dunn’s claims about his heroic actions that day remain unsubstantiated. In fact, as Baker has also reported, Dunn, by his own admission, was plagued by mental health problems in the past and lost his cool in several bizarre instances on January 6. Anyone can watch our video documenting his inexplicable behavior.

We have recently acquired more video of Dunn from the House of Representatives that reveals Dunn lied about virtually all of what he said happened that day — including under oath during testimony in federal court that led to the imprisonment of several of his fellow Americans. But while Steve Baker must now contend with mysterious federal charges, Dunn is resigning from the Capitol Hill Police force and mulling a run for Congress.

The rest of this story — and many more besides — still needs telling. With Baker's help, we aim to tell it.

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Wherever you are this Christmas, we at Blaze Media wish you a joyous holiday and encourage you to take time to remember the things that truly matter.

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