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4 Reasons America & Trump should support Kurdish independence

Conservative Review

The Kurdish Regional Government is only weeks away from holding a referendum on whether to declare sovereignty for the Kurdish people in northern Iraq.

Here’s why supporting the potential referendum on Sept. 25 should be a no-brainer for the Trump administration — and everyone else who supports the advancement of American interests abroad.

1. They are our partners in the war against global jihad

The Iraqi and Syrian Kurds are recognized as our most effective allies in the fight against the Islamic State. Not only have they bravely defended their lands against ISIS, the Peshmerga fighters — unlike the untrustworthy “moderate” Sunni and Shiite rebel factions that the U.S. has partnered with in Syria and Iraq — are devoted to the U.S.-formed international coalition.

The United States has spent countless billions arming and training “moderate” Syrian Arab rebels, only to see a great many of them join the ranks of ISIS and al-Qaeda. The same cannot be said of the Kurds, who have served as trustworthy ground forces in the campaign against ISIS.

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