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ACLU has knives out for Trump's next move on religious freedom

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“Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.” – Emerson, Lake & Palmer; “Karn Evil 9”

At even the whisper of an executive order protecting religious liberty, President Trump’s avowed opponent, the ACLU, is sharpening its knives to collect another judicial scalp, following previous such successful efforts on Trump’s immigration agenda.

Earlier this week, news broke that the president would sign a long-awaited order on religious liberty that would – among other provisions – roll back President Obama’s 2014 affront on the consciences of religious federal contractors.

The signing of the order is expected to happen on the National Day of Prayer, for which the White House has already invited a slate of conservative Christian leaders. The news follows a letter from dozens of Republican lawmakers last week, which urged the president to move forward on his campaign promises to protect religious liberty.

Effectively, the order would, in a small area of concern, realign our federal government’s understanding of rights — placing the protection of a fundamental one enumerated in the Bill of Rights over that of one manufactured by executive fiat.

“These protections take nothing away from anyone — they simply ensure that the public square remains open to all religious voices, even when those voices diverge from the government’s view on contested questions,” Ryan Anderson previously explained at The Daily Signal, in February. “They protect diversity and pluralism and tolerance.”

But returning to the status quo ante-Obama will not be tolerated if the ACLU has anything to say about it. Touting its previous temporary victories against the administration, the far-left legal entity claimed that it would sue over any order “that would allow religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate.”

And if President Trump signs an order that would allow religion to be used as an excuse to discriminate, we will sue. #SeeYouInCourtAgain

This is nothing but indicative of where we find ourselves today with our hyper-partisan judicial system. Trump’s enemies know that they don’t even have to wait for the merits and facts of a case; they know that some judge, somewhere (most likely on the 9th Circuit) will grant a national injunction before the ink is dry. The sad part is, they’ll probably be successful with enough sympathetic media coverage and a well-shopped-for judge.

After all, it’s all up for grabs in Trump’s America™ — rule of law be damned. Who knows what sort of legal contortion work we’ll see to pervert the meaning of the First Amendment — what new “rights” we’ll see manufactured? In the quasi-comedic tragedy of Trump vs. the judicial olilgarchs, we just finished the opening act, and there’s far more frivolity to come.

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