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Bozell & Graham: The media's transgender 'eradication' panic

Conservative Review

The New York Times located its newest, freshest outrage on the Trump administration in a Department of Health and Human Services memo that's not new — it's been circulating since last spring. Some insensitive bureaucrat argued that federal policy on gender should be based on "a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable."

Oh, the horror of it all. But wait. Don't liberals believe policy should be grounded in science? The answer is yes — but not when it conflicts with their cultural dogmas on "gender fluidity."

The Times headline was not just skewed; it came with a hint of holocaust: "Trump May Limit How Government Defines One's Sex." Basing gender policy on the genitalia you're born with? "The new definition would essentially eradicate federal recognition of the estimated 1.4 million [transgender] Americans," the story says. It ends with a former Obama bureaucrat denouncing any change that would return to biology because it "quite simply negates the humanity of people."

The Times was not alone. Time magazine tweeted, "Reports that the Trump administration plans to erase the definition of transgender spark alarm." Leftists quickly started the Twitter hashtag "#WontBeErased."

Sparking alarm among the media — yes.

A Boston Globe tweet warned that the change could be drastic, quoting The Times piece: "The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth, the most drastic move yet in a governmentwide effort to roll back recognition and protections of transgender people."

Even Fox News used this politically correct lingo of "protections" on Twitter. The media define this policy suggestion as "the most drastic move yet" and "extremely aggressive," which is not at all how they described the Obama administration's moves to the left.

The Daily Beast headline was "Trump Wants to Pretend Trans People Don't Exist. Well, We Do." So it's the critics of transgenderism who are pretending? The Daily Beast tweeted, "The Trump administration's potential new rule on gender would take transgender rights even further into the Dark Ages than they already are."

As usual, any step backward from the Obama administration's radical march into a funhouse with 51 boutique gender identities is seen as a return to the horrific world of ... five years ago.

Then the celebrities on Twitter really took the "eradication" language into absurdity. Actor Bradley Whitford (of "The West Wing" and "Billy Madison") tweeted: "This is obscene. This must not stand. This is, and I use this word intentionally, what the Nazis did. Otherization, vilification and exclusion of vulnerable minorities."

Calling a man a man is now the Holocaust.

Deaf "America's Next Top Model" winner Nyle DiMarco lost all his marbles and used the word ... "genocide." He tweeted: "Disgusting. Alarming. TRANS PEOPLE ARE REAL. THEIR EXISTENCE ARE NOT UP FOR DEBATE. AND this is genocide."

All this because a memo is circulating that suggests the federal government shouldn't force every local school district into a federal mandate to provide a taxpayer-funded panoply of redefined bathroom spaces and other "protections."

Liberals inside and outside the media can't seem to grasp that Obama's loony transgender mandates caused alarm with conservatives — science lovers and religious people alike — and that the mandates were a serious reason those people marched to the polls to vote for President Trump. Somehow, they think this screechy new panic will drive their Millennials to the polls and not motivate conservatives. They might be disappointed all over again — and show they learned nothing.


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