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Bush-appointed judge announces end to national borders, suspends deportations

Conservative Review

We all knew this feigned outrage over separating families had nothing to do with separating families, but with ensuring a steady flow of poor and dangerous elements into our country to be released into our communities and never heard from again. Now we have the proof. After the Trump administration marshalled all its security resources away from our border priorities in order to reunite the families, district Judge Dana Sabraw has now placed a halt on their deportations, even as unified family units.

The ACLU, which now dictates the location of all immigration litigation and, by extension, our immigration policies, demanded that the newly reunited families be given one week to determine their next legal moves. Sabraw granted the request until the government submits briefs in response!

There are no words to describe just how unprecedented this is or how it violates all aspects of settled immigration law.

Sabraw, a George W. Bush appointee, is the same judge who legislated from the bench that the administration must unite all criminal aliens with their children in just two weeks, a very dangerous policy to children. Then he refused to allow the government to take the time to conduct DNA tests and track down proper documentation to prove familial ties, even when they found that 20 percent of the “parents” were unfit to regain custody or weren’t even their parents. This judge is violating all legal norms in his pursuit of a political agenda, and ironically, he doesn’t even care about these kids.

Moreover, Sabraw is now saying that the American taxpayer must foot the bill to reunite these people rather than the aliens paying for it. “It doesn’t make any sense for any of the parents who have been separated to pay for anything,” bellowed Sabraw on Friday.

Really? How about the fact that they were the ones who broke into our country, through no fault of the American taxpayer, and the good deed of our government to try to determine the real parents is now being punished?

Not only has this judge disregarded the settled case law on political control over immigration, he is violating a settled principle codified in our immigration laws that even legal immigrants should never cost Americans a dime. And the notion that he can suspend deportations of individuals who are beyond a shadow of a doubt ineligible to be here is mind-boggling. He is demanding that we deliver the kids into the hands of cartels and human smugglers and is then demanding that we keep them all here.

How much longer will we allow a single California judge to dictate national border policy on issue after issue, especially when 72 percent of the family units are crossing into Texas, not California?

If the Trump administration is too scared to disregard this opinion across the board, it should at least disregard it in Texas and force the appeals courts and the Supreme Court to finally address the issue of universal injunctions. Trump must follow the law and sovereignty.

As for Congress, the few members who still care, you just found your first customer for impeachment.

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