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CAIR condemns Trump’s ‘Islamophobic’ new chief of staff Gen Kelly

Conservative Review

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and its Hamas terrorist organization, has condemned President Trump’s selection of Gen. John Kelly as his chief of staff.

Kelly, who was sworn in Monday, is a decorated four-star general who served in various military roles protecting and forwarding American national interests over the past several decades. Gen. Kelly has lived a very apolitical life, dedicating his entire career (from 1970 to 2016) to the American military.

Before assuming his roles as chief of staff and DHS secretary, Kelly was the commander of U.S. Southern Command. He also led major roles in both the Persian Gulf War and the more recent Iraq War.

But CAIR, the fringe Islamist advocacy group, ignored Kelly’s bipartisan reputation, labeling the newly minted chief of staff an Islamophobe.

The New York chapter of CAIR declares itself a “leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding,” but rarely practices what it preaches. Several CAIR-NY officials have in the past expressed support for the Hamas terrorist organization or refused to condemn it when given the chance.

In 2012, former CAIR-NY board member Lamis Deek expressed her support for the Arab Spring revolts against the “imperialist” United States. Deek has also urged Muslims not to comply with federal counter-terrorism investigations, the Clarion Project reports.

Zead Ramadan, the current CAIR-NY board president, has appeared on Iranian state television, describing anti-Muslim rhetoric in the U.S. as comparable to Nazi rhetoric against the Jews. In 2011, Ramadan was asked several times whether he would condemn Hamas, and the CAIR official refused to do so.

Additionally, Cyrus McGoldrick, the former civil rights director of CAIR-NY, time and time again expressed explicit support for Hamas. McGoldrick has also taken to Twitter, threateningsnitches” who comply with federal investigations.

In January, CAIR-NY sponsored an event with radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an extremist linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

On July 4, instead of joining the nation’s celebration of Independence Day, the CAIR-NY chapter organized an event outside Trump Tower purposed with rabble-rousing against the president’s immigration moratorium from terror-linked countries.

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