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Christian-shaming, 'dark psychic energy,' and climate change panic: What went down at Tuesday night's debate

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The following is an excerpt from Blaze Media's daily Capitol Hill Brief email newsletter:

The first of the second round of Democratic 2020 debates was last night. If you had better things to do than watch it, here’s what you missed (or avoided).

So who was the big winner? It’s always hard to say with such a wide field. However, Marianne Williamson’s performance took her from being an outright punchline after the last debate to the most internet-searched candidate in almost every state last night and got some conservative pundits behind her. Bernie Sanders, however, got a memorable lick or two in on health care. Sanders and Warren talked the most.

You know what they didn’t talk about onstage? Abortion, the Mueller report/hearings, Russian collusion, impeachment, Iran hostilities, or Big Tech. Also, regardless of the performances last night, it’s worth taking a look at some recent polling numbers that show just how out of touch the far-left tone of the primary field is with American voters, especially in swing states.

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