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Conservatives have an opportunity to take over the Republican Party

Conservative Review

Things were very worrisome back in the early days of tea party activism. We had RINOs constantly putting down people who rose up against the clear progressivism of the Democrat Party, instinctively knowing that it would destroy America. The RINOs didn’t like being called out for their flirtation with and in some cases outright acceptance of progressivism, and they were brutal to the conservatives and tea party members. In the end, they wanted nothing to do with pushing back against Obama, scared like rabbits that they would be called racist.

For many years we were so concerned that the progressive Republicans would drag the party to the far left that we wondered if entertaining a third-party bid would be the right direction. If the Republican Party was no longer the home for conservatives, then conservatives thought very long and hard about walking away. It was difficult, to be sure, starting over like so many other third parties before us, and many of us switched back and forth, thinking and overthinking, frustrated and concerned that these nominal Republicans would be the head of the party forever and would take the party down the useless road of becoming a small second party for decades to come.

The simple fact that they would rather work within progressivism to “get things done” showed that it would only be a short time before they would all be swallowed by the alligator.

Now, as a grassroots member, after two years of having a president who listens to the people who elected him — an unnatural occurrence since the Bushies took over the party of Reagan  — I am starting to see the possibility that the worst RINOs of the party could leave, leaving room for more and more grassroots conservatives who can work to switch the party from progressive to conservative. For the eight years of Obama, that vision was not possible.

To be sure, we conservatives are at a disadvantage to win back the House and Senate, for the usual reasons. One big reason is that we have a ton of nominal Republicans leaving Congress because they cannot allow themselves to be associated with the president. But this is a blessing in disguise, because they have shown themselves, and exposing slimy politicians is half the battle. Another reason is the leadership of the NRCC, who continue to pearl-clutch over rhetoric that is true, but too direct, giving the organization cover to leave conservative Republicans in the lurch at critical times in their campaigns.

I’m not blind to the fact that we are still left with a majority of non-conservative members, but for a decade, we conservatives have left the party, flirted with third parties, and have been viciously and brutally maligned and purged. It is interesting to note that now, conservatives are joining and RINOs are leaving.

No, Donald Trump isn’t a conservative, but he listens to conservatives, and what he has accomplished so far has been phenomenal. Sure, conservatives argue against his policy on tariffs, and that all will come out in the wash in the future. But right now, Americans are on the side of Donald Trump — traditional Americans, who know the alternative is a deadly road of violence and mobs. We have a message, and we can turn the Republican Party toward the goal of destroying the destroyers and relegating them to second party, or perhaps pushing them to split, which would be even better.

For all his faults, I believe the job of president has turned Donald Trump into a better person. He has done more to advance conservatism than these nominal former Bushies who claim all day long they are conservative, but the facts don’t back them up.

President Trump wants nothing but the best for Americans, and he always strives to succeed for them. He is humbled by the honor of what his job is, and he has become, in the minds of Americans, a more honorable person.

The president, every day, says what he wants for America, and Americans love him for it. They love him because he stands up and fights in that city of hatred. Americans are proud of Donald Trump and happy with him. They want more of what he’s doing, because it makes us feel good about our country and our fellow Americans.

We are pulling away from where the Left was taking us with Obama, when the former president claimed we were no longer going to be prosperous, we were no longer going to be that shining city on a hill, that we were destroying the hemisphere, the rest of the world, the planet itself.

Because of Donald Trump, the American people are coming together as Americans. And it is becoming increasingly clear that the Republican Party with Trump as president can become the party of Americans, because clearly, the Democrats have become the party of American destruction.

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