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Dear 'commonsense' gun-grabbers: It's not a Bill of Restrictions

Conservative Review

In the wake of the horrific mass murder in Las Vegas over the weekend, there have been increasingly louder calls for “commonsense gun control.” The notion even has a hashtag on Twitter. When looking through the tweets and other calls, one thing continually comes to mind. If the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms can be “controlled” in a “commonsense” manner, what other rights should get the same treatment?

The Left either fundamentally misunderstands why the Founders enshrined the right to bear arms in the Constitution, or they understand it and purposefully mislead others. Either way, a huge number of people do not know that the reason for the Second Amendment is not for hunting or to protect oneself in one’s home. The real reason was clear to the Founders, who had just fought a war for independence. The right to bear arms was enshrined so that it would act as a check on the government, so that the government would fear the populace and would refrain from becoming tyrannical.

When you explain that to people who scream for “commonsense gun control,” it is so far from the worldview they have been taught that they think the notion “extreme.” It is not. The Second Amendment ensures the existence of the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights.

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