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Election 2015: Have liberal culture warriors met their waterloo?

Conservative Review

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Even the political party that was designed to protect the civil society and fight the pagan inquisition has no desire to fight or even win the culture war anymore.  Yet, the people have had enough of the social and societal transformation without representation being foisted on them by unelected judges and bureaucrats at a state and federal level.  And it showed last night.

Consider the following results:


  • Republican Matt Bevin defeated Jack Conway by a 9-point margin in the Kentucky Gubernatorial race, becoming the first Republican elected governor in the state in 40 years. Despite making some key campaign blunders and being down in the polls headed into the election, he won a stunning victory, causing down-ballot wipe-outs for the Democrats.  He won 106 of 120 counties, even though he was grossly outspent statewide.  While there are many factors involved in the victory, including the ubiquitous hatred for Obamacare (a hatred the GOP establishment refuses to see), local reporters are playing up “the Kim Davis effect.”  Philip Baily of the Louisville Courier Journal said on a local radio program that a number of Democrats he spoke to in the state were drawn to Bevin on the issue of religious conscience.  Kim Davis was making robo calls for Bevin.  His Lt. Gov., Jenean Hampton is a strong conservative grassroots leader, as head of the Bowling Green Tea Party.


  • In Ohio, the crony capitalist ballot measure to legalize pot and use the proceeds to grow government was defeated 2-1.  This, despite the proponents of the measure outspending the opponents 32-1.


  • In Houston, the transgendered bathroom bill (known as the HERO Act) was defeated 61-38 despite having the support of the entire Hollywood community and vastly outspending opponents of the measure.  It’s important to note that Houston itself is overwhelmingly Democrat.

Notice how when the people actually get to decide societal issues, and not the courts and unelected executive agencies, the results are far different.

It’s also important to observe last night’s results as part of the broader consequences of all the elections since 2008. Democrats have been wiped out in the House, state legislatures, governors, and are on the precipice of losing all their national talent across the country.  If Republicans hadn’t nominated two duds against Obama himself, the results would have likely been different on the presidential side, especially in 2012.

Last night’s election results were also yet another repudiation of Obamacare. Kentucky was touted as the great Obamacare success.  So much for that.

Now, imagine if we actually had a party willing to harness this opportunity and embrace the opportunity to fight the Democrat social agenda?  Imagine if we had a party and a presidential nominee willing to run ads on religious liberty, the judicial tyranny, and the Democrat transgendered agenda?  Republicans refused to fight similar homosexual agenda bills in D.C. and they have failed to markup a single piece of legislation protecting religious liberty or stripping the courts of their power following the judicial coup d'etat in June.

What we are witnessing is the Waterloo of the pagan Marxists.  We have hit rock bottom and are now rebounding.  We have reached ‘peak licentiousness’ and ‘peak political correctness.’  The people feel disenfranchised from the social transformation without representation.  According to recent polling, voters overwhelmingly support religious liberty.  Sixty-eight percent of Independents and even 43% of Democrats say they are uncomfortable with the societal transformations, according to a Washington Post poll.

The road to victory runs through a candidate who will revitalize the party to stand for Sovereignty, Security, and Society by making this election about immigration, religious liberty, Obamacare, Islamic terror, judicial reform, and law and order – all the silent majority issues.  Republicans will not win enough Democrat cross-over voters with the establishment’s agenda of Democrat-lite, K Street’s priorities, and avoiding social issues.  They will win by using Matt Bevin’s message to Kentucky Democrats: vote your values, not your party.

Now all we need is a party actually willing to go on offense.

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