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FREE LevinTV episode: Mueller's impeachment mission exposed

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Months ago, LevinTV host Mark Levin warned that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Trump campaign collusion with Russia during the 2016 election was solely about impeachment, not indictment.

Now, in a free episode of LevinTV, Mark Levin reviews the latest developments from the investigation and shows how the widening scope of Mueller’s probe — and its increasing detachment from its original purpose — is proving his original theory right.

“The very day after the election, I went on the air and I said the Democrats are going to seek to criminalize their differences with President Trump. They’re gonna to seek to get a special counsel. They’re gonna seek to impeach him because they feel he’s illegitimate and they were counting on winning,” Levin said.

“They’re not about country, they’re not about liberty – that’s for sure. They’re not about property rights, that’s for sure. They’re about power,” Levin said.

Thus far, no one in Trump’s sphere has been charged with any substantive crimes. Levin makes the case that Mueller’s investigation is being used to bring up impeachment proceedings against President Trump, on charges of obstructing justice for his firing of James Comey.

But the president of the United States cannot obstruct justice by firing a subordinate, as that is in his constitutional power to do.

The recent charges brought against former national security adviser Michael Flynn, which are completely unrelated to Russian collusion, also show that Mueller’s probe was never about so-called collusion.

The purpose was, and remains, to bring impeachment charges against President Donald Trump.

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