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A 'genderless voice' is as easy to create as a unicorn

Conservative Review

Who needs Siri or Alexa when you have the crazy voices inside your head to guide you?

And super-smart crazy voices at that. Like one gal working for an “ethics” and emerging sciences group at California State Polytechnic University who is advising an effort to bring the first gender-neutral artificial intelligence voice to the cosmos.

Because it’s bad to order women’s voices to respond to your every whim. Duh. "There is no reason that a voice has to be gendered," said the smart chick. "Emerging technology is being designed to rely on these ancient stereotypes."

Except that the science that is actually in the story reporting on this nonsense, called the “Q voice,” actually says otherwise.

Like the research that male voices are usually within a range of 85 to 180 hertz (Hz) and women's are typically between 140 to 255 Hz. Meaning the reason voices are gendered is because men and women are obviously and definitively not the same. Meaning it’s not an ancient stereotype, but an ancient truth these cutting-edge fools are trying to destroy.

But whatevs. Instead of caring about solid food like that, the team of geniuses working on Q grabbed 22 “transgender and non-binary” people as a basis for the voice, just like God intended. And then get this. Because even that still wasn’t woke enough on the gender-bending scale, the final recording for Q had to be digitally manipulated to make it as unidentifiable as human as possible.

"It isn't easy to create a genderless voice," said a sound designer working on the project.

Indeed, it isn't, and for the same reason that it isn't easy to create unicorns. Because neither are real, dumbasses. So there’s that. But how’s your unicorn garden growing now that we have firmly arrived in Crazytown?

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