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Gens. stay loyal to Obama's Iran nuke deal & regional realignment

Conservative Review

The U.S. military generals tasked with countering the rapidly expanding caliphatist theocracy in Tehran not only have no plan to stop their advance, they also stand by Barack Obama’s Iran deal, betraying the current president’s mandate to fight back against the Iranian regime.

These generals are quite sympathetic to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, and they also seemingly have no issue with the Obama-initiated Middle East realignment, which hands over much of the region into the influence sphere of Iran.

Iran continues to threaten the entire Middle East, as the regime expands westward with its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Shiite militiamen, and Hezbollah militants. Iran has also successfully built an unchecked, functioning land and air corridor through Tehran, Damascus, and southern Lebanon.

There are now Iranian soldiers stationed on the Israel-Golan Heights border, and they’ve committed a massive military force to the border of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region. Not only that, Iran has essentially taken over the government of Iraq, and has committed to a plan that seeks the violent overthrow of American allies in the Gulf.

With all of the threats that Iran poses to regional stability — a region where U.S. assets continue to be heavily engaged — one would assume that our top Cabinet generals are readying plans to combat its aggression.

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