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Gov’t officials express open disdain for POTUS & people’s mandate

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Employees of the federal government continue to manage their positions as if they do not answer to the American people — and the president they elected.

On Tuesday, the U.S. ambassador to Qatar appeared to take a direct shot at President Trump after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

Dana Shell Smith, a career foreign service officer who was appointed to her position by President Obama, took to Twitter:

She later added, supposedly clarifying the situation following blowback:

The U.S. ambassador to Qatar post is a very important position for the strategic interests of America. Ambassador Smith is the U.S. representative to a country that has a very complicated relationship with the United States. At its best, Qatar posits itself as an ally to the United States in its war against Islamic radicalism. At its worst, Qatar actively finances and supports Islamic terrorist organizations.

Given that Smith was a reported donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and has now openly complained about the president, questions may arise about her willingness to support the president’s agenda moving forward.

Ambassador Smith is far from the only State Department civil service employee to wage a personal campaign against the president she serves under.

SeveralState Department officials (particularly those who helped facilitate the Iran nuclear deal) have been servicing their own partisan agenda (mostly reflecting the past administration’s priorities), rather than serving under the duly elected president. On at least one occasion, President Trump has had to personally step in to fix policy letters written by State officials that did not reflect his agenda.

Separately, several FBI employees have run to the media to express their disdain for the president following his axing of Comey, delivering their thoughts anonymously to establishment outlets. Ironically, one of the reasons Trump fired Comey was reportedly because the former director was not sufficiently stopping FBI employees from leaking to the press.

One such official told The Washington Post that, following Comey’s dismissal, “there will be a concerted effort to respond” to President Trump’s supposed “war” on the FBI. Another said that the White House treatment of Comey “won’t soon be forgotten,” the Post reported.

As former Director Comey made clear, the president has every right to get rid of the FBI director “for any reason.”

Taxpayer-funded government bureaucrats are declaring war on the man who they are supposed to serve under. Instead of doing the honorable thing and resigning, they are actively promoting the shameful act of plotting treasonous activities against the leader of the country.

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