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Horowitz: If money from the feds is free, why not give everyone $100,000?

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Most politicians in both parties adamantly disagree with President Trump on the need to achieve proper balance between quarantine and our livelihoods. They want an economic and liberty nuclear winter, and they want it indefinitely – without investigating any of the science and data behind it. At the same time, they want to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars “stimulating” a dead body with nothing to stimulate and don’t appear to see any downside to accruing all this debt and risking market distortions. So if that’s the case, why not just give every American a year’s worth of income?

Like all Kabuki theater in Washington, where Republicans agree with Democrats on 99 percent of an issue but fight truculently over the last 1 percent, both parties shook hands (I mean elbow-bumped!) on a $2 trillion stimulus today plus $4 trillion in Federal Reserve shenanigans.

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