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Ilhan Omar puts many a good zealot to shame

Conservative Review

It was only a month ago that the president honored a Holocaust survivor in the House of Representatives at the State of the Union address. Judah Samet’s father, when the family’s train to a concentration camp was stopped, jubilantly cried out, "It's the Americans," believing our forefathers in the red, white, and blue were the instruments of his deliverance from demonic evil. Democrats joined with Republicans in cheering his legacy.

A month later it appears that #NeverForget has already become #WeDoneForgot.

Those same Democrats in that same House of Representatives passed a “sham” vote supposedly decrying anti-Semitism but not its newfound champion, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. A chilling reminder that being condemned to repeat history isn’t just for the ignorant who fail to learn its lessons. It’s also for those fiends who think the saints of history were really the sinners, and therefore a return to the good ol’ days of Jew-hunting is just what the doctor ordered.

Omar was voted into office by a Midwestern state that knew full well some of her hateful predilections. And now she is being protected by a major American political party that defends her in part by treating her like a child, or by saying those pointing out her hateful rhetoric are actually the Islamophobic bigots.

I’m reminded of the accounts of those war veterans who came out of watching the opening battle scene of “Saving Private Ryan” feeling emotionally and psychologically overwhelmed because of how it returned them so viscerally to a terrible past. Who could blame a Jew for feeling something even fleetingly similar right now?

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