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In Vogue: Reality distortion in Trump's America

Conservative Review

In the latest bit of unhinged leftist action, Vogue magazine's Instagram account posted a provocative photo of a black mother and her daughter standing underneath a “COLORED ENTRANCE” sign — a scene from 1954 Mobile, Ala. The message is obvious — "This is where we're soon headed (again) in Trump’s America."

The caption reads: "In Trump Time, the clock moves backward. The feeling that time itself is reversing might be the most unsettling aspect of a most unsettling year. What else is Make America Great Again but a promise to re-create the past?"

To say this is irresponsible and fully at odds with reality is an understatement. No such evidence exists that suggests Trump fosters even a whit of animosity toward blacks or that his policies would harm the black community (let alone segregate) it.

In fact, to the contrary, under Trump, black unemployment has gone down to its lowest level since before George W. Bush took office, and it is significantly lower than it was during any of the "Hope and Change" years of Obama. And yet, Vogue evades those incontrovertible facts to paint a grotesque falsity of America under Trump where blacks are once again reduced to second-class citizenship.

The article accompanying the post is written by a paranoid black anti-Trumper named Brit Bennett, who reduces Trump’s victory to “racism” and explains that she was “foolish” to ever think things “would be better” in her lifetime than they were for her mother, who grew up in the deeply segregated South.

Bennett went to Stanford University, writes for Vogue magazine, and is a New York Times best-selling author. Brit Bennett has it worlds better than her mother, and for her to say that she doesn’t is an extreme insult to blacks who know racism beyond "microagressions" and "cultural appropriations."

But in an age where facts don’t matter, using falsehoods and despondent visions for the future to express your hatred for the president is far more attractive to progressives, who pretend to have the betterment of black lives at heart but are really nourishing their own displeasure, anger, and hatred for the world.  

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