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Jailbreak meets transgender bathroom agenda with tragic results

Conservative Review

There are two disparate major agenda items being pushed by the Left in Washington and in all 50 states: A) reduction of the prison population and B) allowing men into women’s bathrooms.  Well, here is a tragic story from the LA Times, which demonstrates the dangers of both initiatives:

Los Angeles police have arrested a 27-year-old man who they say forced a woman into a Lincoln Heights bathroom at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her Monday afternoon, just 12 hours after he was released from jail.

LAPD Capt. Billy Hayes described Edgar Alexander Lobos as a gang member with a "rather lengthy criminal history," including drug possession and domestic violence.

Lobos had been jailed for violating his probation by having drugs.

Jail records showed Lobos had been arrested April 4 and was released from custody shortly after midnight Monday. 

"Within 12 hours, he had victimized another person," Hayes said.

Imagine how much easier it would be for rapists to attack women if it became ubiquitous for men to use female bathrooms even in front of others?  This is the worst manifestation of the war on women.

And as for jailbreak, notice how this was yet another criminal with a rap sheet who was serving prison time for drug charges, but had really committed other violent crimes, and when he was released from prison, went on to commit rape?  California has been a dumpster fire ever since 30,000 criminals were released under Proposition 47.  This is what the political class is referring to when they speak of non-violent drug offenders.  It’s one thing to prospectively change drug statutes, but to retroactively release those convicted of drug offenses poses an existential safety threat because so many of them are violent criminals arrested for worse offenses, albeit only convicted on drug charges.  And as we’ve noted so many times, so many more of those in federal prison are like Lobos in that they are violent, involved in gangs or drug cartels.

Law and order matters.  Biology, and safety for women matter.  When social engineering or abstract goals trump the reality around us, the safety and security of Americans will always be compromised.

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