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Jordan takes on the GOP Swamp again in Judiciary Committee bid

Conservative Review

Once again, Jim Jordan is up for a House leadership position, and conservatives outside the D.C. Swamp would really like to see him get it. But once again, the D.C. Swamp has the odds stacked against him.

Jordan launched his bid to become the top Republican member on the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. While Jordan will have a lot of support from grassroots conservatives, as he did in his last leadership bid, that won’t help him much here. Committee placement decisions are, say it with me, made behind closed doors. Furthermore, they aren’t decided by the whole conference, but by the conference’s Steering Committee — a more establishment-friendly body where top leadership figures have a lot of influence.

Basically, this means that the establishment Republicans at the top of the heap who have seen Jordan and the Freedom Caucus as thorns in their sides for years will choose between Jordan and members who haven’t ruffled nearly as many feathers.

Jordan’s two opponents for the spot are Reps. Doug Collins, R-Ga., and Steve Chabot, R-Ohio, both of whom have proven themselves greater allies to GOP leadership than the more conservative Jordan. Additionally, Collins has been angling for the job behind the scenes for about a year now and appeared to have it locked up until Jordan began eyeing the position.

The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over impeachment, and Jordan has proven himself a staunch and capable defender against Democratic attempts to undermine the president so far.

“Jim knows how to fight the battle we are facing,” Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., told Politico. “He has internalized the facts and timeline. If he isn't the ranking member, President Trump will be without the most capable defense we could otherwise offer."

Gaetz added that if McCarthy doesn’t make Jordan the ranking Judiciary member, “he is actively screwing President Trump. And they both know it."

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