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Journalists accuse Trump of blowing 'dog whistle' in South Africa land seizure tweet

Conservative Review

Several journalists are accusing President Donald Trump of "dog-whistling" to white nationalists after the president announced on Twitter that he has asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to study land redistribution in South Africa and "large scale killing of farmers."

The president sent this tweet after Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on land seizures from white farmers conducted under the direction of South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa. Carlson characterized the land seizures as "racist" theft of land, noting that the South African president changed the country's constitution to make his actions legal and suggesting that the media is ignoring this story.

The party in power in South Africa, the African National Congress, claims land redistribution will provide reconciliation and restitution for deep inequalities caused by apartheid. The Wall Street Journal reports that white South Africans make up around eight percent of the country's population and own 73 percent of its agricultural land.

The Journal report also noted that while violent attacks on white South African farmers have "grabbed headlines in local and foreign media in recent years," the number of people "killed on farms has declined over the past 20 years, and reached a low of 47 people killed in 2017/2018."

The South African government criticized the U.S. government for Trump's tweet.


Several verified journalists accused the president of "dog-whistling" or using coded language meant in this case to rally white nationalist and racist alt-right supporters of the president.

The message from these journalists is that Trump is a racist who is defending white South African oppressors. But do they report on South Africa's racially motivated policy to confiscate white-owned land without compensation?

CRTV has offered ample coverage of how South Africa's racist and Marxist policy is eroding freedom for all South Africans.

The media won't report these angles, which is partly why President Trump addressed the issue. But do they investigate? No, they attack the president.

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