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Levin destroys 'quacky' Green New Deal

Conservative Review

Monday on his radio show, LevinTV host Mark Levin discussed the radical Left’s Green New Deal and its ramifications for Americans.

“They keep talking about this Green New Deal,” Levin started. “Have you noticed when even the most quacky of the quacks in the Democrat Party quack out something like Green New Deal, the media pick up the labeling, like they’re a marketing arm of the kooks on the Left? And the media push it,” he added. “So now the media talk about a 'Green New Deal' the way they talk about 'climate change.'”

Rejecting the Democrats’ Green New Deal premise of an “investment,” Levin responded: “That’s not an investment. That’s a seizure. That’s confiscation."

“No, you’re stealing my money to advance your notion of the way the country should function. You’re stealing my money and giving it to somebody else through the hands of bureaucrats. That’s not an investment.”


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