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Levin explains the Left's strategy 'to destroy any lawful, manageable immigration system'

Levin explains the Left's strategy 'to destroy any lawful, manageable immigration system'

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin detailed just how far judges have gone in using the courts to push left-wing agendas on United States politics, particularly in immigration.

Levin read an article to listeners detailing the Cloward-Piven strategy, a political strategy outlined by American sociologists and socialist political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven in 1966. The strategy seeks to bring about the fall of capitalism by overwhelming the welfare state to push it into an economic crisis.

"That is precisely what's taking place on our border," Levin said. "This is precisely what's going on with respect to immigration."


Levin explained how Cloward and Piven, citing Saul Alinsky as their inspiration, called for discrediting systems altogether and using demonstrations to create a climate of militancy.

"In fact, that theory's working on our border, ladies and gentlemen," Levin said. "That's what's taking place. The very people who have caused these circumstances intentionally, first claiming it was a manufactured crisis, while they were creating the crisis through limits on budget. By obstructing the president on the wall. By undermining ICE, calling for its elimination. By undermining the Border Patrol. By claiming detention centers are concentration camps, while voting against more detention beds. While voting against more administrative law judges. While choking — choking the financial ability to cope with what's taking place. Obstructing the ability to secure the southern border. Then, they become the vocal, outspoken radicals against what they have created — chaos. Anarchy. Overwhelming the system. Because in this case, they want to destroy any lawful, manageable immigration system and have open borders. Because the hard Left and the Democrat Party have decided that they are going to promote race-based politics. And they have concluded that the best way to get power and retain power is to change America's demographics. To change its citizenry. To attack citizenship."

"This is all intended as a radical plan. Cloward and Piven. Alinsky tactics. Overwhelm the system. Create the chaos and the anarchy, then condemn it. Condemn the law. Condemn the president. Condemn the ideas of a wall. And then eventually you'll get what you want. That is exactly what's happening on the southern border. That is exactly what's happening on the issue of immigration, right in front of your eyes," Levin said.

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