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Levin: Why Gorsuch teaming up with the Left on immigration is disastrous for Trump’s agenda

Conservative Review

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is dead wrong on deporting criminal aliens and that’s bad news for President Trump’s immigration agenda, explained LevinTV host Mark Levin on his national radio show Wednesday evening.

Levin addressed the chorus of "conservative" and libertarian legal commentators who have lauded Gorsuch’s decision to join with the Supreme Court’s leftist wing on a recent immigration case. Gorsuch wrote in a concurring opinion that the law in question was too vague. Put simply, Gorsuch equated federal immigration law with criminal law and, as a result, determined that a criminal alien couldn’t be automatically deported.

Conservative Review senior editor Daniel Horowitz then joined the show to discuss his latest article about the ruling. Horowitz explained the case in detail and pointed out why, contrary to Gorsuch’s ruling, immigration law is different from criminal law when it comes to due process rights. Horowitz further outlined what this means for the GOP’s ability to address America’s illegal immigration problem.

“A lot of people defending Gorsuch aren’t paying attention to the jurisprudential velocity of what’s taking place at the lower courts,” and what this court decision will likely mean in the long run, Horowitz explained.

“This is like pouring gasoline on a burning fire,” Horowitz added, because of how open-borders groups, judges, and politicians will now be able to use the ruling to fit their agenda.

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