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Levin: 'When we lose our history, we're going to lose our country'

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Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin gave the history of the Battle of Midway, fought during World War II almost entirely with aircraft, June 3-6, 1942. Midway, together with the Battle of Guadalcanal, ended the threat of Japanese invasion in the Pacific.

"I was never taught about these various wars, except at a surface level, when I was in public school, and that's, you know, several decades ago," Levin said. "And I suspect it's even less significant today in the classroom. And when we lose our history, we're going to lose our country."

"This is American history: Battle after battle, hero after hero, defending this country, defending its people. And then I listen to the talk today, about people who've never served — some who have served, but most who haven't — trashing our country from universities and colleges. Trashing our country in the pages of the Democrat party-press. Oh, they say they support the military, but they have a funny way of showing it. Kaepernick — and others — protesting. Protesting what? They haven't sacrificed a damn thing."


Levin read from an article by BlazeTV congressional correspondent Nate Madden about how the brutality of Tiananmen Square continues in China today.

"Thirty years ago today: China. Midway: Seventy-seven years ago today. America. Two different systems, two different countries, two different governments. I just wish we appreciated ours a lot more."

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