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Levin: Remember Tlaib's village? 'She and her family are considered ... in the top one percent of Palestinian life'

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin debunked the characterization by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., of her hometown as an impoverished village.

Levin pointed out that not a single news source fact-checked Tlaib's claims prior to a recent report by an Israeli newspaper that simply examined the Facebook profiles of Tlaib's family members living in Beit-Ur al-Fauqa. The family had shared photos of their variety of expensive cars, working out in expensive gyms, and on European vacations. The World Bank called Tlaib's village one of the richest in the region in 2014, too, the report noted.

"You know those people sleeping in the streets in San Francisco, Pelosi's nirvana? And the streets of L.A., Adam Schiff-less' nirvana? Crapping on themselves, crapping on each other, using needles? Sounds to me like that's a far worse place, run by liberal Democrats year after year, decade after decade," Levin said.


"The rate of social mobility in Beit-Ur al-Fauqa is among the highest in the Palestinian Authority," Levin added. "In other words, ladies and gentlemen, she and her family are considered, you know, in the top one percent of Palestinian life. Her family's not impoverished. She's not impoverished. She's a complete fraud and a phony — just like all Russian collusion stuff. She's a fraud and a phony. Next thing you know, she'll claim to be a Native American and try to go to law school or something!"

The village also boasts 215 private residences, four of which are single-family homes and 115 are apartments with more than five bedrooms, Levin read.

"Oh my goodness gracious, such widespread oppression!"

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