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Levin slams Hollywood’s ‘Silence of the Libs’ on sexual crimes

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LevinTV host Mark Levin ended the first hour of his radio show Thursday calling attention to the cultural rot in Hollywood, and the Harvey Weinstein scandal only served to help bring it to light.

Levin argued that the mainstream media has lost all credibility due to their lack of reporting on Hollywood’s depravity.

“It’s bigger than Harvey Weinstein,” he explained. “And there has been a massive conspiracy of silence. A massive coverup. 'Silence of the Libs' I've been calling it. 'Silence of the Libs.'”

Levin argued that Weinstein and others in Hollywood are not creating just “inappropriate” or “immoral” behavior. “It could easily be criminal behavior,” he said. Listen:

Hollywood is an industry like anything else (like coal, football, cell phones, etc.), Levin reminded his audience.

And because the industry has been perpetuating real, legitimate criminal conduct, there should be an FBI unit “created, at least temporarily, to investigate the activities taking place in Hollywood.”

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