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Levin: This judge had the gall to accuse a three-star general of treason

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Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into Judge Emmet Sullivan for accusing retired three-star Lt. General Michael Flynn of treason Tuesday morning.

"This judge has the gall to accuse this general of treason, because he happens to be wearing a black robe and appointed for life, picked out of obscurity, and made a federal judge. And he knows he can sit in that damn courtroom and say whatever the hell he wants to say, without consequence," Levin said.


Levin pointed out the freedom of Sullivan to reportedly walk back his statement later Tuesday afternoon, saying he was simply "inquiring" as to whether or not Flynn had committed treason.

"Well, wasn't that stupid: He misspoke! Well, luckily, he wasn't under oath; luckily, he wasn't being investigated by the FBI," Levin said.

Levin reminded listeners that today's investigation is not ultimately about Flynn.

"All of this is intended not to smear Michael Flynn, not to smear Paul Manafort, not to smear George Papadopoulos, and down the line. It's all intended to take out this president of the United States, and yet nothing related to the Flynn matter has anything to do with Donald Trump. Nothing. Zero," Levin said.

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